Typography is a fundamental part of a template, providing you with the tools to characterise your content and bring it to life. There is a vast array of typography available with Diametric template, as is with our previous releases, from list styles, notice blocks and a diverse number of other elements.

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There are two menu systems that are integrated into the Diametric, these are the Triple Level SplitMenu and the Fusion Menu. The former is a three tiered, static menu system with configurable locations. The latter is a javascript enhanced, CSS powered dropdown menu with numerous features such as multi-column support.

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RokSprocket is a revolutionary new Joomla 2.5 only extension that has been designed to replace a variety of our existing ‘content’ modules. These include RokStories, RokTabs, RokNewsPager, RokNewsflash, RokMicronews, and basically any module in the RT arsenal that manipulates and displays articles.

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The twelve style variations are fully customizable with the most comprehensive color chooser system ever. Choose just a few tones and shades, and Diametric does the rest, automatically calculating an appropriate color scheme for the various template elements. All at a push of the button inside the Gantry Administrator.

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